From: Sascha Send Date: 7/14/2018
Xin chao Viet Farm Trip Team! Hope you are all well. My apologies for the slightly delayed reply. First of all, I would like to say "cảm ơn nhiều" to everybody who I met at the farm and throughout the days I spent there. It has been an amazing experience which will stay forever in my memory. It was magical. I'm travelling a lot and it is so difficult to find places/tours/trips like yours where you see the real life or to provide such an authentic experience. I had a lot of fun and it was great to meet you. There is a saying "you meet as strangers and you leave as friends"! This is how I feel. Obviously I made this promise that I will come in 4 years time. All I can say is that it will be tough to wait this long for my next visit. :) However, I will be better prepared by learning at least some Vietnamese and also to work on my cycling skills, Hanh! ;) (no more almost crashs) Looking forward to stay in touch and to see you hopefully soon. Kind regards, Sascha
From: Julie Send Date: 11/29/2017
I liked coming out here and feel the local people and how they live their lifes. It have been very cultural and every person on our way have been so sweet and welcoming.
From: Arvydas Send Date: 11/22/2017
We really enjoyed this trip, it was the most well organized tour we took while in Vietnam. Our tour guide Jenny was amazing! She was very knowledgeable and professional, but also down-to-earth and friendly. Her English is spot on. We learned about planting rice and got a chance to try it ourselves which was a lot of fun! The trip was spontaneous, visiting local villagers who were all very open and generous. The locals even invited us to a neighbor's funeral where we learned about Vietnamese traditions. While it was unexpected, the villagers made us feel very welcomed and loved that we were willing to learn. This trip can take different directions depending on what you find interesting and what you would like to learn about. I would highly recommend this trip to anyone wanting to learn about Vietnam's countryside and Vietnamese culture.
From: Gnarley Send Date: 7/26/2017
Everything about this trip blew me away. This trip was recommended to me by my hostel's tour desk to get a real taste of Vietnam. I wasn't sure what I was in for, but signed up solo anyway. I was picked up by a very knowledgeable and respectable tour guide who drove me to the farm. As soon as I got there, I felt like a member of the family welcomed home from a long time away. My guide, Jenny, instantly felt like my best friend as she brought out my "farm clothes" so I didn't get what I was wearing dirty. We walked to the farm (across the road) and had an incredible morning learning about the long process of farming rice. Meeting the local farmer who helped me plough the field was a huge highlight. Not only was lunch absolutely delicious, but I saw exactly where it had come from around the rice field and the garden. The second half of the day was spent riding around town immersing myself in culture. The views of rice fields and homes were breathtaking and the locals were some of the kindest, happiest and most welcoming people I've met. Within an hour of riding I'd had tea with a local family, attended a wedding, been invited to dinner at multiple homes and taken photos with nearly everyone in town. This whole day was incredible and given the chance, I'd stay for a week next time.
From: Sara Boi Pedersen Send Date: 5/4/2017
Such a nice experience! The people at the farm were so warm and welcoming and we had such a fun time riding the buffalo and planting some rice. We were served a delicious lunch and had a nice time meeting the locals. I really liked the fact that it was a different experience compared to visiting more temples and pagodas. It really felt like you got close to the Vietnamese culture. I wish I could have spend more time there.
From: KRISTYN MARIA MOORE Send Date: 5/2/2017
We were so glad we took the chance and booked this tour! We wanted a day trip from Hanoi and our hostel recommended this Farm Trip. We didn't really know what to expect but the day started with a 1.5 hour drive to the village followed by some quality time with a water buffalo, some ploughing in the rice paddy, and planting rice. We got nice and dirty but it was great fun! After an amazing lunch our tour guide took us for a bike ride around the village to temples and to the rice fields. She was fabulous! Explained the difference between the types of rice and how they farm it. This was seriously a once in a lifetime experience and I feel like I learnt so much about Vietnam and about the farm life in the country. Highly recommend!
From: Alexnar Send Date: 4/19/2017
If I could give it more stars I would. Thank you David and family for making us feel most welcome and being an excellent host and tour guide. The Viet Farm Trip is the ideal antidote to chaotic Hanoi - fresh air, green open spaces and only a handful of mopeds! If you've got little time and want to experience the real Vietnam this is it. At around $50 the tour offers excellent value this is a full day tour (8am to 7pm) including all transportation and lunch. David will pick you up from your hotel and drive you first of all to the markets where you the tourist are more of a curiosity than the other way round as the stall holders are engaging and smiling with no pressure to buy. Inside the village you will see people about their business; shopkeepers tending their stores, kids coming home from school and farmers working the fields. We even visited an old man and his house in the woods who lived a simple existence with no running water or electricity, but who was keen to talk about the war (the one with the French!). His parting words of wisdom were - don't have too many kids, that's why I'm poor! And after a hearty lunch freshly prepared by David's aunt (as good as any meal I had in Vietnam by the way), it's time to don the local apparel and welly boots and make your way to the fields. Here you'll learn all about rice, how to plant it and how to harvest it, then you'll get a chance to till the soil and even ride a water buffalo (with the help of David's nephew). Everyone was very friendly and demonstrated no more so than when my wife dropped her iphone in the mud. Some villagers came and joined us in trying to find it, mucking in and draining a section of the paddy field by hand, it took 30 minutes but we found it! David took it to a stall holder he knew who took the phone apart, dried it with a hairdryer scrapped off the caked-in mud, et voila it worked perfectly! Happens every day he says! David also provides bikes to roam to the paddy fields in at your leisure and gives you another perspective of the landscape. Be aware that tis tour is very laid back and works very well because of it. Finally we took a boat trip to see the storks at sun down, some great photo's in the fading light. Think we were the only tourist we saw the entire trip. On the way back we even popped in to David's house where he introduced us to his charming family. Lovely people. Of all my trips in the country this was by far the best tone. David spoke clear, concise English and gave an informative insight into how life is in the country for many. A true gentlemen and am sure if you take this tour it'll be a highlight of your visit to Vietnam! The old man had 8 kids. Alexnar from scotland
From: Karolina Send Date: 4/19/2017
“Fantastic Vietfarm homestay and Ha Long Bay 3 days 2 nights” We booked Vietfarmhomestay and Ha Long Bay with Asian Discovery Travel company. Tony - the tour operator was very kindly. He recommended to us this tour. It was special tour what I did. You were join alot of farm activites, meet alot of friendly ethnic people . Boat trip in Ha Long was nice, room was clean, food was delicious. Mr Hop - the guide was spoke good english. We had very good trip. Highly recommend to anybody.
From: Stephel Send Date: 4/19/2017
The best Experience in 8 months of travel Had such a great time on this trip. I only did a day tour but I wish I could've stayed longer!! We rode a buffalo, learnt and helped with rice in authentic Vietnam farmer clothes... Just be prepared to get muddy! We then cycled around the village and were lucky enough to be invited in by locals, which was so much fun! Lunch was also plentiful and well prepared. I'd recommend this to anyone who wants an authentic Vietnam experience, and stay for a night or two if you can!! Thank you all again, I've had such a great day! Visited March 2017



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